Akiba Uhaki Foundation (AUF) is a grant-making organization dedicated to advancing social justice in East Africa. AUF was established in 2006 and registered as a foundation in Kenya in 2007. ‘Akiba’ is a Swahili word for investment or savings while ‘Uhaki’, is an acronym for ‘Uteteaji wa Haki za Kibinadamu’. Akiba Uhaki therefore means investment or investing in the protection of human rights.

AUF supports and accompanies Human Rights and Social Justice (HRSJ) focused organizations, groups and formations to improve HRSJ practice and more effectively address social injustices and human rights violations. In particular, AUF promotes local philanthropy, supports influencing work (advocacy, movement building), brokers strategic partnerships, leverages resources, and facilitates capacity development, research and reflection as a basis of developing and supporting innovative approaches that address the structural and systemic causes of social injustices.

Our Vision

A just world in which all people enjoy their rights and live in dignity.

Our Mission

To promote, uphold and strengthen Human Rights and Social Justice in East Africa through innovative grant-making, influencing and accompanying relevant Non-State Actors.

Our Values

AUF believes in, and is guided by the following ideals:

1. Solidarity: Inspired by the principle of shared humanity, we respect, stand with, and support our constituents in their quest to attain their full potential, dignity and social justice.

2. Inclusion: We believe all people deserve impartial access to opportunities, resources and rights, hence support for actions that deepen mutuality, respect for diversity, equity and equality.

3. Accountability and Transparency: We uphold public trust by ensuring ethical behavior, open and prudent administration of fiscal and other resources entrusted to us. We are individually and jointly accountable to our actions and performance.

4. Excellence: We are committed to the highest level of quality, professional rigour, integrity and perpetual improvement of self and service.
5. Innovativeness: We are devoted to novelty and learning as a foundation for change continually searching for creative ideas towards social justice philanthropy and human rights practice.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a rights-based approach to development and that good governance is central to the ideal of an East African (EA) society where everyone has equitable access to resources, opportunities and lives in dignity. We support and work with strategic, well thought out, and innovative multi-level initiatives that contribute to these ideals. Our work is founded on the Universal Human Rights Principles as contained in various International Human Rights Instruments. We apply social justice philanthropy as a key approach for engineering social transformation from below.