Akiba Uhaki offers grants in the following three categories:

  • Targeted Grants
  • Pass-Through Grants
  • Call For Proposal (CFP) Grants

Targeted Grants:

The targeted grants support organizations identified by Akiba Uhaki Foundation or its partners working with communities and making a difference through innovative community organizing and advocacy programs and projects.

Akiba Uhaki Foundation endeavors to identify such groups in all of the 5 countries and create value-adding partnerships with them. The value add of Akiba Uhaki Foundation is leveraging these organizations for greater resource mobilization and innovations.

We are CURRENTLY receiving grant applications only from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

Pass-Through Grants:

In pursuit of its mandate, Akiba Uhaki Foundation works to raise funds on behalf of specific projects or organizations from regional sources, the diaspora and international organizations and individuals with interests in the said projects and/or organizations and pass the funds through to the intended recipients. Akiba Uhaki Foundation appreciates that there are many people who would wish to support efforts by local organizations working in the human rights and social justice sector but there lacks a structured mechanism for optimizing this opportunity while guaranteeing accountability. On the other hand, the intended recipients are often distracted from their core business by the need to fund-raise. Akiba Uhaki Foundation will in this sense be providing this service as  an out-sourcing agency but at a minimal administrative cost.

CFP Grants:

CFP provides opportunities for organizations that may be “off-the-radar” but who have such innovative ideas as Akiba Uhaki Foundation is looking for to apply for grants within the human rights and social justice programs. The CFP’s are run in bi-annual grant-making cycles; in January and in June. The overall aim of this is to tap into the wide resource of relatively unknown innovative organizations based at the community level with the passion and the social capital to lead change from the grassroots.