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Regional Grantees Convenings

As part of AUF non grant- making work, the fund facilitates an annual space and a platform where her grantees come together for the purposes of capacity strengthening and the sharing of experiences. The annual platform provides the Fund and her partners from across East Africa an opportunity to meet, reflect on their work and review the implementation of the respective funded projects with the aim of strengthening Human Rights and Social Justice work across the region. The convening also presents opportunities to identify and strengthen mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships.


The specific objectives of the Convening are to:

  1. Evaluate the impact of our work to include a comparative analysis of project implementation: what has worked and what has not worked well; challenges faced in project Implementation and reporting.
  2. Create an opportunity for our grantees to network across the region, exchange ideas and experiences especially on innovation in Social Justice Work and contribute to movement building.
  3. Set the Agenda for funding regional and country initiatives.
  4. Provide a learning and skills development platform for the Fund and her partners on projects.
  5. Management, Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Reporting.
  6. Deepen partners’ engagement with the EAC towards a people centered integration process.
  7. Share human rights and social justice success stories.