Although robust legal, policy and institutional frameworks are essential for ensuring good governance, their existence in themselves are not a guarantee of civic engagement; attention must equally be paid to capacity of citizens and civil society. The objective of Capacity Development is “To enhance the capacity of Akiba Uhaki Foundation (AUF) and relevant Human Rights and Social Justice (HRSJ) actors to effectively and sustainably attain their mandates through leadership strengthening and organizational development”. This is done through organizational and leadership development.

This pillar focuses on the following areas:

  1. Organizational Development of AUF: This aspect is concerned with internal organizational well-being of AUF. The overall ambition is to enable AUF become a more dynamic, efficient and stable entity that is cost-effectively and sustainably achieving its mandate.
  1. Leadership and Capacity Development: Focuses attention on nurturing new leadership for the HRSJ sector as well as enhancing the capacity of Citizens, State and Non-State Actors to better fulfill their mandates, roles and responsibilities.
  1. Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL): Concerned with further development and use M&E as a tool for demonstrating impact, strategic learning, informing practice and generating evidence needed for influencing work.

The major intervention strategies under capacity development include:

  1. AUF Capacity Development: Invest in strengthening (internal) AUF capacity focusing on identified strategic capacity areas.
  1. MEL: Further improve and fully operationalize MEL system (for AUF and selected grantees), and facilitate knowledge inter-mediation, brokerage and transfer (reflection, learning, documentation).
  1. Program Development and Support: Support development, adoption, replication and up-scaling innovative, effective and sustainable program approaches and models. Facilitate program coordination, integration, joint programming amongst actors.
  1. Capacity Strengthening: Provide accompaniment based technical, financial and moral support to grantees and other relevant HRSJ actors to improve their effectiveness and sustainability.
  1. Resource Mobilization: Strategic leveraging of resources to increase the scale, scope/diversity and reliability of AUF support towards HRSJ work.